WNP is an impact-focused organization. We aim to make the largest impact possible when it comes to greening the web. We partner with Cool Effect to fund innovative projects, and provide our clients with high-quality, third-party verified carbon offsets. Check out our offset projects below.

Makira Rainforest Conservation
This project protects the Makira rainforest by educating farmers while providing new opportunities and services for villagers.
Madagascar is home to world-famous and highly endangered lemurs. But the lemurs rely on local forests that are being destroyed by unsustainable practices. This project uses ecotourism, sustainable fish farming, and beekeeping to teach villagers new ways to earn income while also keeping the rainforest healthy. Communities learn management skills; kids get access to environmental education and the rainforest is protected from the threat of slash-and-burn agriculture.
How it works
Sustainable management activities include research, biodiversity monitoring and the transfer of forest management to local communities. To spur rural development, the project creates new income sources by improving agricultural techniques, infrastructure, and ecotourism. Environmental education and health services are provided, and local institutions are strengthened by strategic zoning and community organization.
Who it helps
As home to 1% of the world’s biodiversity, protecting the Makira Rainforest for the future will help it continue to soak up carbon pollution for generations to come. Your donation will also benefit local kids who receive environmental education, farmers who earn money through environmentally-friendly income streams, and countless endangered animals—including the world’s smallest (and coolest) chameleon.
Affordable Cookstoves
This project makes and distributes cookstoves that reduce charcoal or wood use for cooking by over 50%. It cuts carbon emissions and deforestation while providing life-changing health benefits and cost savings to local families.
We all cook, every day. Imagine if cooking ate up 20% of your income, deforested your country, and emitted toxic smoke into your family home. This simple, locally produced cookstove solves these world size problems and reduces tonnes of carbon emissions. It’s no wonder that awareness of the new stoves is sweeping across Uganda and demand for the stoves is at sell-out levels. Through this project we want to provide Ugandans with all the stoves they are clamoring for.
How it works
90% of Ugandans burn wood or charcoal in an open fire that emits more heat to the air than it does to their cookpots. The Uganda stove reduces the use of wood or charcoal by 50% because it burns the fuel thoroughly and efficiently and concentrates the heat from the fire directly to the cooking surface where it matters most. Less fuel burned used equals less greenhouse gas and toxic smoke emitted.

At scale, the dissemination of thousands of stoves from this project helps forests.  Less fuel means fewer trees are cut for wood and less charcoal is produced. Charcoal production does great harm to the environment requiring large logs and felled trees to be burned in mounds of earth for long periods of time.
Who it helps
By reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving forests, this project benefits everyone, globally. The dissemination of thousands of stoves from this project helps forests. Less fuel means fewer trees are cut for wood and less charcoal is produced. Charcoal production does great harm to the environment requiring large logs and felled trees to be burned in mounds of earth for long periods of time. But the story goes much deeper. By supporting this project you give local families limited by traditional ways a cleaner, healthier life.
Cookstoves for Kids
This project provides schools and orphanages with clean cookstoves that are healthy for students, save money for local communities, and reduce deforestation in Malawi.
Deforestation is at an all-time high in Malawi, threatening the planet and costing impoverished communities valuable time and money. This project helps to feed kids and conserve resources by installing clean cookstoves that use less wood and emit less CO2. The project serves 327,000 students and, with your help, we can climb closer to our goal of a million students served. Imagine the difference we can make for Malawi and for the planet.
How it works
Each stove uses 75% less wood than a traditional fire saving tonnes of CO2 emissions. Malawi is among the world’s least developed countries and deforestation rates are extremely high, so this project could spark much-needed change saving trees that absorb harmful greenhouse gases. The goal is to install stoves in more than 1,000 schools that will feed hundreds of thousands of students while reducing CO2 emissions from traditional ways of cooking. That’s what we call a positive development.
Who it helps
The forests of Malawi, the planet and kids. Every penny counts in Malawi, and your donation will support the building of cookstoves that save schools money so they can buy books and supplies. Students will benefit from improved classroom conditions, cleaner air and delicious meals.


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4,005,808 miles
Driven by a passenger vehicle.
184,356 Gallons
Of gasoline consumed.
1,791,115 pounds
Of coal burned.
Barrels of oil consumed.
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