We pride ourselves on transparency and loathe green washing. We hold ourselves to the highest standards so our customers can feel confident in the integrity of their emission reductions.

Our Principles
We are committed to providing our customers with an easy and effective way to neutralize their website’s carbon footprint. We hold ourselves to the highest standards so our customers can feel confident in the integrity of their emission reductions. We are proud to be a leading force in making the web more sustainable.
Our footprint calculation is exhaustive
At its core, a carbon footprint is an estimate of the emissions resulting from an activity. There are many ways of estimating these emissions. Our calculation has three major characteristics:

Our calculation is inclusive. We chose a wide system boundary to include emissions from networking equipment, optical fibers, and end devices.

Our calculation overestimates your site’s emissions. Since a carbon footprint is an estimate, we made sure to use academic research that takes a pessimistic view with regards to the amount of energy needed to transfer data.

Our calculation is website specific. We differentiate between end devices, page size, and user statistics to produce a footprint that is specific to your site. This footprint is re-calculated monthly to account for variation in user activity.
We use only use the highest quality carbon offsets
All the offsets we use are verified by reputable third parties and adhere to the principle of additionality. This means that our emission offsets are a direct result of our investments and not something that would happen regardless in the business-as-usual scenario.
Our mission is to green the web
We are a mission-driven company. We believe that by running our business efficiently and transparently we can make a significant impact. By supporting green hosting, website optimization, and investing in carbon offsets and renewable energy, we can address the enormous challenge climate change poses to our society.
We're dedicated to sustainability.
Sustainability is ingrained in our company DNA. We're a 100% paperless business with all employees working remotely. We offset 100% of business related travel and we donate 5-10% of annual profits to sustainability focused non-profit organizations. We're an EPA Green Power Partner, participant to the United Nations Global Compact, and currently in the process of becoming B Corp certified.

We also produce annual reports to showcase our sustainability efforts.
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