The Empowered Consumer
Thanks to the web, consumers are more informed and empowered than ever before, and are willing to use their purchasing power to make a positive impact. Research shows the Millennials, as digital natives, use the web and sustainability to inform their purchasing decisions.
Keeping Up Isn't Good Enough
Two-thirds of global consumers say they only pay attention to company sustainability efforts if an organization is going above and beyond what other companies are doing. Demonstrate your leadership with WNP's certification.
Enhance your Brand Image
Incorporating sustainability into your brand enhances your website's appeal and visitor loyalty. Research shows, 83% of consumers will choose the greener alternative.
Photo of Web Neutral Project Improving Visitor Engagement
Improve Visitor Engagement
Proudly display that your site is providing visitors' computers with a carbon neutral experience, encouraging each visitor to view more of your pages and generate more sales and attention.
Photo of Web Neutral Project Traffic Increasing
Increase Traffic
The Web Neutral Project Certification is the web's most widely recognized symbol of digital sustainability. Getting certified instantly gives you a powerful eco-friendly message with which to promote your own site on your blog, in your newsletter, or in the press.
Photo of Web Neutral Project Certification Badge Transparency
WNP’s exclusive ‘clickable’ certification badge and detailed sustainability page enables you to easily and credibly share your green accomplishments with users, employees, and the public alike.
Photo of Web Neutral Project Carbon Neutral Website Credibility
Green your company’s digital footprint with the industry’s leading carbon neutral website certification. WNP’s program is internationally recognized and trusted across the globe. WNP is partnered with the United Nations, the EPA, and Sustainable Brands.
Photo of Web Neutral Project Cost Effectiveness
Cost Effective
For less than the cost of a weekly Facebook advertisement, WNP's yearly membership and certification program provides your business with all the tools and expertise you need to become a recognized green leader.
Viewing a simple web page generates about 20 milligrams of carbon dioxide per second
Ready to bring your sustainability efforts to the digital realm?
Photo of Web Neutral Project Carbon Neutral Website Certification Badge
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